Carnivore Damage Prevention News

Carnivore Damage Prevention News (CDPnews) is a professional newsletter focused on the complex challenges presented by the coexistence of carnivores and human communities. It acts as a forum to raise awareness of potential solutions, to facilitate collaboration among practitioners, researchers, managers and others as well as to improve knowledge exchange between countries and across the boundaries of traditional disciplines.

Our mission

CDPnews was created in response to the challenges and opportunities of coexisting with carnivores. We aim to bring together diverse people and interests, sharing knowledge worldwide of the broad range of existing adaptation strategies and encouraging constructive dialogue and practical innovation.

The current issue highlights the millennia-old relationship between bears and humans. It discusses the impact of climate change on bears and human-bear interactions, and the benefits of international collaboration in managing bear populations, as seen in various global initiatives. Innovative approaches, such as Karelian bear hunting dogs in Japan and the ‘bear smart community’ in Romania, showcase the importance of local context and the value of learning from global practices for sustainable coexistence and conflict mitigation.
The articles also explore community-based initiatives and policies in various countries and underline the need for a blend of traditional knowledge and modern conservation strategies.

Call for submissions

CDPnews is open to proposals for articles from anyone with expertise or experience in the field anywhere in the world. Submissions, which are peer-reviewed by our editorial team, range from original research to reviews of best practices, evaluating new tools and techniques, presentation of projects or personal perspectives and opinion pieces. To submit an article or discuss ideas, please contact us.

Our Guidelines for Authors can be downloaded below :
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